[LaTeXTips] How to avoid latex error “Missing $ inserted” ?

“Missing $ inserted”. This error doesn’t explain a lot of useful details except  “$” is missing. This will be our clue to the solution.

<br />! Missing $ inserted.

<inserted text>


  1. “$” is considered as a special symbol in LaTeX. This is used to express mathematical formulas. When “$” symbol is put in front and end of a equation, LaTeX understands it as a formula. Hence when we use single “$” symbol, LaTeX expects another “$” as closing symbol. To use “$” as a normal character, this need to be used with escape character.
    e.g.: The balloon costs \$2.
    Here is how “$” symbol can be used to display mathematical formula:
    e.g.: $2+2=4$
  2. Apart from “$”, there are other symbol which can be used with mathematical formulas such as “^”, “” and “|”. This error can also appear when LaTeX finds any symbols which can be used in mathematical formulas. This can be avoided by correctly escaping “^”, ““, and “|”.

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