Table Type Patterns (TTPs) Simplified

There is a new idea on the horizon for faster adaptation of OpenFlow (OF) by different network devices or nodes. It is called Table Type Patterns (TTPs).  Forwarding Abstractions Working Group (FAWG) of Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is the responsible body for TTPs. But before understanding what TTP is, let us try to figure out what exactly TTP is trying to achieve.Read More »

[MacOS]Fix “xcrun: error: invalid active developer path”

When you update your MacOS version and the xcode, you may encounter the following error:

xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun at: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/xcrun

The solution is fairly simple. Just run the below command in your terminal.

xcode-select –install

[OSXTips]Terminal issues

If you find these following errors in MacOSX terminals, then the reason might be a corrupted “terminfo” directory. These issues affect all types of terminal such as iterm2, oh-my-zsh etc. Luckily the fix is pretty simple.

  • Error opening terminal: xterm-256color.
  • tput: unknown terminal “unknown”
  • zsh: can’t find terminal definition for xterm
  • E558: Terminal entry not found in terminfo

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Turn Your Sublime Test Into a Markdown Editor

Markdown language is the new favourite for all the blog writers. It is great to create formatted content without learning a new language with hundreds of syntax and tags. The text remains free of any markup tags or instructions which allows it to be published as simple plain text also. The philosophy of Markdown is to make it easy to write and easy to read.

One of the best Markdown packages available for Sublime Test is “MarkdownEditing”. It is available for both ST2 and ST3. Installing any package in ST requires package control feature in Sublime Text. To install package control in Sublime Text you can refer the page here.

Once you have the package control installed on your ST, you can install “MarkdownEditing” by following the below basic steps.Read More »