Git: remote branch basics

Git is a wonderful tool for code repository management. But sometimes it is little confusing to work over remote branches. Here is a small guided example regarding how to work with git remote branch. The following details covers only the basics to start working with remote branches.

Let’s take an actual git repository and do some testing of various git commands. I am using the RouteFlow repository here. You can go ahead and use any other repository you want.

First let us checkout the git repo. We can do this using "git clone" command which asks the [url] of the repo as an argument to clone locally. Read More »

Work with Latex in Sublime Text

If you are a developer, researcher or student, then you can’t avoid using Latex. It allows to develop beautifully written articles in no time. But most of the editors are chunky and slow. So i tried “LaTeXTools” plugin with Sublime Text. As adoption of ST is rocket high, i was intrigued to use ST for my work in Latex. Here is how i set up and started using LaTeXTools plugin with ST.Read More »

Evernote Plugin in Sublime Text

The much awaiting Evernote plugin is available for Sublime Text (ST2 & ST3). It can be installed using Package Control in ST. To access package control in ST “command palette” is used. Open the palette by pressing ctrl+shift+p (Win, Linux) or cmd+shift+p (OS X). Command palette can also be accessed from the tools menu as Tools->Command Palette. We will use package control commands to install the plugin. Type “Package Control: Install Package” in command palette. Then it displays a list of packages to install. Type Evernote to filter the Evernote plugin and select it to install the plugin in ST.Read More »