[QuickTips] Simple ways to embed YouTube videos in WordPress blog

How To Embed Youtube Video

  • Paste the URL of youtube video on a new line to embed the video in the post. WordPress handles everything else about how to display the video internally.
  • You can also put URL inside square bracket “[URL]”. This is called shortcode. Shortcode allows further customisation to the youtube video player.
  • There shouldn’t be any character or whitespace on the line except the URL/shortcode.
  • There shouldn’t be any hyperlink to the youtube URL. This is the most common mistake everybody does. Select the URL and click the “Unlink” icon on the editor toolbar to remove the hyperlink.
  • You can add various setting to the shortcode to customise the youtube video player as below.

&w=640, Set the width of the player

&h=385, Set the height of the player

&rel=0 ,Disable related videos

&start=10, Start at a certain point in the video(specify in seconds)

&end=20, End at a certain point in the video(specify in seconds)

&showinfo=0, Hide the top information bar of the player

&theme=light, Change the theme of the player to light theme

This post will be updated with new details i find useful while writing this blog.

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