Evernote Plugin in Sublime Text

The much awaiting Evernote plugin is available for Sublime Text (ST2 & ST3). It can be installed using Package Control in ST. To access package control in ST “command palette” is used. Open the palette by pressing ctrl+shift+p (Win, Linux) or cmd+shift+p (OS X). Command palette can also be accessed from the tools menu as Tools->Command Palette. We will use package control commands to install the plugin. Type “Package Control: Install Package” in command palette. Then it displays a list of packages to install. Type Evernote to filter the Evernote plugin and select it to install the plugin in ST.

  • If package control is not installed in ST, then refer to this page.

Once the plugin is installed, it needs to be configured and linked to the Evernote account. After the plugin is installed it may try to open a new browser window to create a Evernote developer token. Copy and paste this token in the text box currently available at the bottom of the ST window. If the developer token window is not get opened automatically, the Evernote plugin needs to be reconfigured. It can be done by two ways such as:

  • From menu: “Preferences > Package Settings > Evernote -> Reconfigure Authorisation". 
  • From command palette: “Evernote Settings: Reconfigure Authorisation”

The ST settings file for Evernote will have the developer token which gives access to all the notes in Evernote account. Hence this shouldn’t be shared with anyone. A new token can be created or the existing token can be blocked by accusing this link in the browser: “https://www.evernote.com/AuthorizedServices.action” In this case Evernote plugin needs to be reconfigured again. Now the Evernote plugin is installed in ST. To use Evernote just open the command palette and type “Evernote”. It will show all the commands related to Evernote. Various commands available are “open note”, “new note”, “update note” etc. evernote The options for Evernote plugin is dynamic and changes depending on the context. If you create a new empty note, then the option “Send to Evernote as new one” will become visible. newevernotenote If you open an existing note, then option “Update Evernote note ” will become visible. updatenote Hope this information will help you all. Provide you valuable feedback.

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